A combination of the words AMBUCS and mobility, the AmBility™ program represents AMBUCS’ dedication to creating mobility and independence for those with disabilities. Adopted in 1998, the goal of the program is focused on two areas: equipment and processes.

AmTryke® Project
The AmTryke Project is the cornerstone of AmBility. Since becoming a national project in 1994, AMBUCS chapters have provided more than 6,000 trykes to children with disabilities. Physical therapists acknowledge the AmTryke’s therapeutic benefits to patients, citing improved motor skills and strength development. In fact, a therapist inspired the AmTryke. Find out more about the AmTryke Project as well as all of the available tricycles and accessories by visiting the AmTryke general information page. Remember: the joy and exhilaration of riding a bike is something everyone should be able to experience. Make a donation now to the AmTryke Wish List!

Ramp Building 
Building ramps to create accessible homes and businesses is another project which AMBUCS™ chapters hold close to their hearts. A ramp building guide is available to guide you through the building process. 

Accessible Playgrounds
Building and refurbishing playgrounds that can be used by children regardless of disabilities is becoming an increasingly popular project among AMBUCS™ chapters. Whether it is adding universal usage playground equipment or building all-new playgrounds, members are acknowledging how important these playgrounds are.